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Oklahoma structural engineer and contractors – 2009

By Jonathan • October 28, 2009 • Filed in: Uncategorized

contractorYesterday I had a great meeting with a contractor I will be working with on a development on the NE side of Oklahoma City.  The relationship between the contractor and structural engineer is critical to the success of a building project.

There are three types of Engineers.

  1. One that despises the contractor
  2. One that tolerates the contractor
  3. One that gleans from the contractor

I’m a gleaner. After 15 years of interacting with the construction trade, I am smart enough to know that I don’t know it all.¬† Textbook smarts with field expereince make for a thoroughly designed and built project. Going into a meeting with a “this is the way it is” mentality will make for a long arduous project schedule.¬† Using statements like ” have you ever considered” or “that’s a good idea but have you entertained this” facitlitate a healthy project discussion. ¬†I have quite a few contractors I can pick up the phone and call right now and get their opinions,¬† but that is because I have respect for their trade.¬† Now there are some contractors out there that were born to make an engineers life miserable.

There are three types of Contractors.

  1. One that despises the engineer.
  2. One that tolerates the engineer
  3. One that gleans from the engineer.

Yes the coin does have two sides.¬† A contractor that has a¬†“this is the way I have always done it” mentality is tough to deal with.¬† This leaves no room for innovation in design nor for different approaches in construction.¬†¬† A contractor that refers to the engineer shows a humility in the construction field which will overall make them a better contractor.¬†Gleaning from each others knowledge and experience¬†should supercede mere toleration of each other.¬†Gleaning should also eliminate despising¬†each other’s trade.¬† The dynamic duo of the engineer and contractor¬†can provide owners¬†with great structures if there is mutual respect for each others trade.


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